Human Aid Voluntary and Charity Organisation Ghana
Legal Terms

Our legal terms

  1. The Applicant should return to the organisation a completed and signed application, a medical form signed by his/her physician, two (2) passport size photos, photocopy of passport and payment of fees on the day of arrival which is treated as non-refundable.
  2. Volunteers are responsible for arranging their own visas.
  3. The organisation reserves the right to refuse and refuse any volunteers who misconduct themselves.
  4. Volunteers must mention in details on their medical form any pre existing physical or mental health condition.
  5. Volunteers must purchase any neccessary personal equpment or obtain any neccessary medical checks or treatment prior to departure out of their own funds.
  6. Transportation from Accra to project site and from project site to Accra and any other travelling is the responsibility of the volunteer.
  7. Insurance covering personal accident, medical treatment and reparation is not included in fees for projects and is not part of our policy. Human Aid - Ghana - P.O. Box TL,1257 - phone 233-243-733544